Discover European Architecture – but first we have to get there.

June 7, 2008

For those of you who have followed home d’zyn’s blogging I want you to know that this one is more of a travel blog –


I will be taking you, with my family, on a Mediterranean cruise which includes a brief hiatus in Italy, Turkey and Greece.  Once on terra firma we will step into history,  and embrace the culture of  the country, and respect the architecture, and revel in the work of the artisans.    We can’t help but unearth the profile of the past and design our present, and our future.



Leading up to this trip has been an adventure in itself  – I have been looking forward to this excursion since taking my husband and son to England and the Canary Islands six years ago.   But first we had to decide on a cruise destination – one with a rich assortment of stopovers; and since the best part of a cruise is the view, we had to have a balcony where we could soak up the rays at the end of a busy day of trekking and relax to the peaceful sound of the waves  lapping against the ship; it had to be conducive to children because we are travelling with an eight year old and didn’t want to be paralyzed by the words common to every child,  “I’m bored”.


We chose carefully, perusing our many options and finally booking our cruise one month before departure – and for the price savvy consumer in today’s marketplace, we chose wisely and settled upon Carnival’s newest ship “Freedom”.  For those of you that remember Carnival cruise lines as “the party boat” I have been assured that this is not the case in the Mediterranean.


But we still have to get there – and I wanted the family  to cruise and stay – but it came time to book the flight and we had no where to stay – “what the heck”,  I said,  book the flight to return one week after the ship docks and hope for the best.   Then nothing.   Feverishly I worked to book a time share week that coincided with the cruise (I used to be the proud owner of timeshare weeks but have found it to be more trouble than it was usually worth), and took a week at beautiful resort (under construction), n Spain (the only European country  that ever has any good resorts available to non-Europeans).   Now we had to find our way  there, and don’t forget the price of gas has gone up tremendously in this time – we can’t get a connecting flight and had to leave early to return home on the pre-booked flight – this really isn’t going to work.  So we nixed that idea.  And little more than one week before we fly out I began searching for  accommodations on the Amalfi coast.   I think the 3 days we spend there will cap off our dream vacation beautifully – but we need a room for 3 and want a sea view – is that too much to ask one week before we fly out.














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