The Modern Mediterranean

June 20, 2008

We’re here – but dear readers the Internet isn’t. 

I will keep this brief though there is a lot to say.  The Mediterranean is a beautifully warm, vivid, modern and ancient part of the world. 

The fashion district of Rome is juxtapostioned beside the Spanish steps and the Trevi Fountain.  Cobblestone roads lead from the old to the new and wind back again.  Purple, thankfully, a popular colour for this summer in Canada, is everywhere in Rome; all the bold primary and complementary colours are spashed onto the fabrics of haute coutier, and  ultra modern plastic and metal furniture.  

Turkey, a modern country, with bustling cities like Marmaris and Istanbul plays out an eclectic blend of culture and modern art.   This country is not as the westerners may think – its transportation, art, fashions and modern archectecture surpass our best expectations.  The streets are ultra clean and the people friendly; they all speak an understandable form of English, though I could not make such a noble attempt at the turkish language.  Turkey is definitely worth a return trip. 

Stay tuned – if the Satelite gods permit – I will be back with more about these fabulous countries – and Greece, too.


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