Turkey and Greece

June 25, 2008

I was pleasantly surprised at how clean, modern and friendly Turkey and Greece were. We often think of Rome (Italy) and Paris (France) as leading the direction of fashion and the arts; and yet I found both Turkey and Greece to be ahead of us in Toronto in many ways.


The marina town of Marmaris, and bustling city of 15 million in Istanbul, Turkey had many modern elements; the old and the new stood boldly side by side. Cafe’s of every description lined the walk into town from the busy, yet clean, port of Izmir, Turkey. Giant geometric prints spilled out of the tiny cafe’s into the streets lined with tables, and comfortable seating – plump cushions in bright pinks, purples and turquoises welcomed the browsers to relax a while and sip a turkish coffee. Istanbul is alive with colourful people and their many wares – rugs, rugs and more rugs of every description being sold for the highest price possible but always the buyer left feeling he had a won an exceptional prize. This is the place to buy that special piece of floor art but do not enter into this deal without an extensive education in selecting the best rug for your purposes unless you are buying what you like and are spending what you will be happy with. RUGS are a topic all their own.


The small port town of Katakalon, Greece boasted beautiful cafe’s along the waterfront – with hot pink and light pear green upholstery on white resin (wicker) chairs – or – shades of tan with pop’s of lime green throw pillows –  or  – orange, pink and white muslin canopies shading the diners from the hot noon sun – and – matching tablecloths blowing in the breeze – coordinating bold prints on the walls capture visitors from the street and beckons them inside to rest awhile.


It was a beautiful ride through time.  Next lets explore the art of the countryside in Tuscany.


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