What was hot this summer? What’s next?

July 31, 2008

This past winter saw a shift from black to grey as a backdrop to other colours and hues; and this summer we saw grey emerge as a softer shade of stone, putty and granite.  


What were we seeing a lot of this summer?

Grey: looks great complimented by bright crisp whites which we are seeing everywhere.  

White: can be combined with black, or dark blue or shades of brown.  

Flora and fauna: Keep a look out for giant chiselled flora and fauna on fabrics and wall coverings in bolder, brighter 21st century colours.  

Accent colours:  of sunshiny yellows, turquoise blues and magentas.  I for one, am glad to see purple is still hot.

Strong raspberry pink: is the signature colour of this summer.

Renewable resources: like wood, bamboo and cork for furniture, flooring and accessories gives us beauty and a sense of responsibility for the earth.

Steel: We are continuing to see steel inside and out from kitchen appliances, barbeques, sinks, planters, nightstands and patio tables.


It’s not too late to introduce these colours and materials into your design scheme to feel fresh and current.  We still have a few good months to spend outdoors, and many of these colour combinations will survive well into the fall.  As more and more Canadians extend their outdoor living experience the desire for well equipped climate friendly kitchens and living rooms will remain strong.   The demand for renewable resources will continue to grow as the consumer becomes more and more environmentally responsible.



Watch for the inaugral post of ‘home d’zyn’ the ezine newsletter published by Heather Clark Smith Design.   There you will read about the colour trend predictions for the 4th quarter of 2008 and into 2009, as well as, other decorating tips, including articles about being “green”.








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