“home d’zyn” blog, meet “home d’zyn” ezine

August 19, 2008

It’s a another big day in August,  at my design office. 

August 1st was the first official day operating under the new design business name of Heather Clark Smith  Design.

And today, I am happy to announce, was the release of the first issue of my design ezine (newsletter), home d’zyn.   Anyone that has known me or done business with me, will recognize that name as the previous name of my business (which after many years of hearing home d’zyn pronounced dizzin’ it seemed a change was in order).


It was so apropos that on this day I would open an email newsletter from The Color Association of the United States and the first article was about “Heatherette” and M.A.C.  (though the article wasn’t so current).   This Heather loves M.A.C. cosmetics so it was definitely worth reading on.   The “Heatherette” brand, the brain child of Richie Rich and Traver Rains, collaborated with M.A.C. for the release in March, of the spring/summer 2008 cosmetics collection in hot metallic pink compacts, titled “Heatherette for MAC” 
As I wrote in the last blog (raspberry) pink is/was the signature colour of this summer and as I wrote in the newly released home d’zyn newsletter, pink remains strong for fall and winter.

Just another example of art imitating life – or is life imitating art.





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