Christmas – already???

September 8, 2008

It is already September, the first week of school is behind us and homework is trickling in – for most parents the thought of the additional workload created with the new school year is overwhelming –  so you must use your day time hours wisely.  Those of you without children living in the home may not have the pressure of homework assignments and extracurricular activities but I guarantee the fall brings the same feelings of change. 


The beginning of September for many signals a time to redecorate.  Though I would never want to be heard to say this out loud – Christmas is coming – it will be upon us before we know it.  ‘Wait’, you say, don’t we have Thanksgiving and Halloween to celebrate first.   Yes, of course, but if you had plans of redecorating for either of those occasions it is already too late.


Christmas is just fifteen weeks (and three days) away.   In the world of home furnishings, most manufacturers and distributors won’t guarantee Christmas delivery past an order date in the middle of October.  For a redecorating project I prefer to aim for the beginning of October to avoid disappointment.  What that really means is, if you have dreamed of having a beautiful ‘Homes and Gardens’ showplace home for this Christmas you have three weeks to put your plan together and execute it. 



If your project is to be more extensive than that, say a kitchen renovation, don’t create an unrealistic time line that will put added pressure on you and your architect/contractor/construction crew/decorator.   Rather than rushing to get your dream project done quick, opt instead for getting it done right.    


Set your home presentation apart from the rest, consider unveiling that new kitchen in February, after the busy Christmas season has passed and doldrums have set in, most invitees will be anxious to attend your reveal and your home will get the full attention it deserves.


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