to: Importers and Distributors of REAL STONE

September 23, 2008

I didn’t want this article to be filed under comments and not get the attention it deserves. 


I wanted to respond personally to George: 


I am glad you read the blog and I welcome your comments.  The article “Granite, a wealth choice or a health choice” was written, impartially, by me, in response to an article from the  Marble Institute of America (hence the link to the site) – which I think is clear in the line “Recently the Marble Institute of America, the trade association representing the natural dimension stone industry including granite and other natural stone, has refuted the findings that in-home testing has uncovered potentially harmful levels of radon being emitted by granite countertop surfaces.  Unfortunately, as is often the case, opposing sides are committed financially to the outcome weighing in their favour.”  Don’t read more into it.   I wrote it because the marble industry refuted the information being peddled by the man-made “fake-stuff” industry.  Rather than just reading the headlines people should make informed decisions – hence, I wrote, “Where there is fear there are fear mongers, so it is good to be cautious and do your research.  Examining all the facts presented will help you come to a conclusion that is not just a wealth choice, but more importantly a health choice, for you and your family.”    I did not take sides on this issue – as from an aesthetic point of view both products are equally acceptable.


As for which product is “green” – this was not a position I took or endeavour to at this time.   While I support your comment, that in order ‘for the consumer to make an educated decision between the two products it is necessary to also study the process of the engineered stone’, I can not provide any further comment on green-ability.


There should never be anything wrong with the consumer seeking to be informed – I advocate this.  The words, “honesty” and “integrity” weren’t used in my article but both sides of this debate should seek to achieve it – and there would be no debate.


As a member of the design industry I don’t promote any one product over the other – I will introduce a client to new product lines, take into consideration the application of the product, offer my opinion on my personal likes and dislikes should the opportunity present itself, but in the end I honour my clients decisions.  


Thank you George for writing, I hope that this has resolved any concerns that you had that I was promoting man-made stone over granite/natural stone – I wasn’t.


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