Frank Gehry’s AGO

October 30, 2008

In my inaugural post I quoted famous Architect, Frank Gehry (born in Canada in 1929)   “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”   The belief that “architecture is art” is at the heart of Frank Gehry’s essence.   Gehry’s recent Toronto project is reflective of his philosophy.

From November 14th to 16th, 2008,  the Art Gallery of Ontario will be open to the public free of charge to celebrate the rebirth of this space by Toronto architect, Frank Gehry.   Gehry’s process is remarkable; he begins with full scale models of every wall, angle, and light source; and builds to a crescendo that is our AGO.  The sculptural architectural elements and the treasures that it holds is befitting a world class town like Toronto.

The furnishings themselves are works of art.  The AGO worked with the finest prevailing artisans in Canada and Denmark, including award-winning Toronto-based furniture manufacturer, Teknion.  Each piece was hand-picked by Gehry to bring contemporary style and comfort to the patrons of the arts. 

Gehry’s jewel, the staircase, sits in “the historic heart” of the AGO.  ‘When he first unveiled his design plans, Gehry described the sculptural staircase as a space where people might bump into each other and perhaps even fall in love.’

The new restaurant FRANK, will feature local agriculture and Ontario wines, and is sure to be the place for art and food lovers to gather.  FRANK, a play on words, describes the atmosphere of serious art critics, identifies the architect behind it all, and the artist, Frank Stella, whose work is on display through out the restaurant.

All this attention to the finite details is not meant to overshadow the art within, but rather to pay homage to the more than 4000 incredible works of art on display in the 110 bright galleries-within-the-gallery.  

Truly a journey for the eye, the mind, the heart and the soul.




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