My prediction for 2009 (better late than never – where have I been)

April 7, 2009

2009 blew in with a flurry and the snow didn’t let up.  The twisted art woven through the tree branches by the icey cold temperatures, and the knee deep glistening snow looked dramatically beautiful when viewed from inside the house, or out on the slopes.    Unlike snow and cold, trends that we know will return year after year, design trends are always changing.

Hopefully these past months of hibernation gave us all time to reflect.  This year I predict (the “better late than never” part) that the global circumstances forced upon us will cause all of us to re-evaluate what is truly important.  Let’s make something “old” the “new” trend.   Lets make making time for family and friends the trend for 2009.

Maybe the message we were meant to receive in 2008, was that, ‘it isn’t all about the money’.    Let’s continue to toast our good friends, happy homes, health and wellness.

[originally written 15  January, 2009]


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