Home Dzyn has evolved – see “Trips, Sips and Tips”

March 3, 2018


This was originally a decorating blog written by me (beginning in 2008), a latecomer to the blogging world.  The topics will be transitioning from life-at-home to life-on-the-move.

I started my working life in a stress-filled, male-dominated profession; I loved it and took on extra work when the opportunity arose.  I was often asked why – my answer was simple: so that I could enjoy the finer things in life, like dining out and traveling – I did and I still do.

I retired early – “reinventing my life”; with a freshly earned decorating diploma, I started a decorating business which I later transitioned into a real estate career.  And I still love my work.  BUT I always look forward to getting away, to recharge, explore, discover.

My husband calls me a “gypsy” because I am most comfortable when I am on the move.  (Definition:  a nomadic or free-spirited person)

As I say in real estate – “Where ever, whatever your feeling of home is, I am committed to helping you find it” – here I am committed to sharing information that will help you find and enjoy your home away from home.

Now a realtor-on-the-go, with a background in interior decorating, and a prior work history in ‘customer (public) service’ who loves to travel – I will share useful information about travel (“TRIPS” – my experiences traveling around the corner or around the world), food and drink as we go (“SIPS” – my tastes) and lifestyle (“TIPS” for the fashion forward 60(is the new 50)-somethings about global real estate, traveling abroad in luxury, or just living life your way –  sharing Tips on the important, the sublime, and maybe even the ridiculous)

Join me as I continue my journey at TRIPS, SIPS and TIPS

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