My dream might be – to be chosen to work as a member of the crew of Sarah’s (Richardson) Cottage, TV show, but if you are fourteen years old there could be nothing more important than to be on the red carpet for the premier of Miley Cyrus and “Hannah Montana – The Movie” in London (UK)  or standing shoulder to shoulder with Demi Lavoto, camera’s flashing, after winning Disney Channel UK’s Camp Rock competition.  

Yes, it is official, I can proudly announce that my (our) niece, Holly-Anne HULL, has won the UK competition.  I am sure that much of it has been a blur for Holly-Anne and her loving family.   It is exciting enough for this part of the family, thousands of miles away.  Where this is going, no one knows for sure, so  we should all (Holly-Anne and fans) just enjoy the ride.

Bragging Rights

April 14, 2009

Creating a great interior design – may give me bragging rights.

Having a great niece who just happens to be a great singer – lucky enough to have terrific support from her super great brother and sister (and mom and dad, of course) – definitely gives me bragging rights.

Whatever is this interior decorator talking about? Art in the form of decorating, painting, and singing – is a gift.

My (our) 13 year old neice, Holly-Anne Hull, is a gift.   She is a finalist in the Disney UK search for the next Camp Rock star.  Holly-Anne has been singing in West End Kids productions for the past couple of years.    I have never heard her sing, except on clips from West End Kids ( see Holly-Anne perform by selecting the second video Holly-Anne Hull singing “Here’s Where I Stand”) because she lacks the bragging gene that I boast today. It seems she is just too shy to sing for her adoring Canadian relatives but sings with superb ease for a packed auditorium. Watch her video, I am sure you will agree.

We, here in Canada, are so proud of her and wish that we too could witness this young starlet in her premier performance live from London on Friday, April 24th, 2009, alas we can not. But nothing prevents me from getting the word out to those who can watch.  Check out the promotional video on the Disney Channel (select “My Camp Rock This Friday” Holly-Anne is pictured at the end of the clip singing the background song).

Beginning Friday, April 3rd, at 5:30pm and continuing for the weeks leading up to the final performance, the Disney Channel is airing a half hour show featuring the lives of the top performers.  Following the live performance on April 24th, the public will be invited to vote on line (more information regarding voting will be posted).  Those lines will open at 17:50 hr’s in the UK, and remain open until 18:20 hr’s (for us Canadians that will be 12:50 to 13:20 hr’s).

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.  Maybe yours will be the vote that launches the next Miley Cyrus – UK style.

Good luck Holly-Anne. We love you.