My dream might be – to be chosen to work as a member of the crew of Sarah’s (Richardson) Cottage, TV show, but if you are fourteen years old there could be nothing more important than to be on the red carpet for the premier of Miley Cyrus and “Hannah Montana – The Movie” in London (UK)  or standing shoulder to shoulder with Demi Lavoto, camera’s flashing, after winning Disney Channel UK’s Camp Rock competition.  

Yes, it is official, I can proudly announce that my (our) niece, Holly-Anne HULL, has won the UK competition.  I am sure that much of it has been a blur for Holly-Anne and her loving family.   It is exciting enough for this part of the family, thousands of miles away.  Where this is going, no one knows for sure, so  we should all (Holly-Anne and fans) just enjoy the ride.